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2012-10-07 09:49:37 by XayberOptix

If you're interested in my work, they can be found at,,,,,, etc. just do a search on XayberOptix.

Thank you for all of your support!


Perfect World Genesis Expansion Trailer Re-Score Contest

2011-01-20 10:29:27 by XayberOptix

Watch this and let me know what you think... UpC8

This was a "fun" project that I decided to participate in. Basically, PWI (Perfect World International) provided a trailer for their Genesis Expansion and stripped away the music and left it up to the contestants to fill in the gap. I took 4 of my compositions and edited them into something that tells a unique story as you watch the video. I also added some additional sound effects to further enhance the impact of theatrical sound. :)

The official rules for the contest can be found at this link: 9181

All entries must be uploaded by 5pm PST on Tuesday, January 25th 2011!! So if you want in, now is the time!


Latest Contest Submission

2010-06-24 17:20:55 by XayberOptix

Check this out and let me know what you think... ontest-v02