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This is a fun sounding tune. I really like the bass frequencies--sounds tight!

Nice work bro! This is kickin' it good! Keep it coming!

The only thing I would do is to eq the lead vocalist because it's sticking out of the mix a little. Otherwise, you did a great job on this! Keep it up! I'll be checking out your other tracks too.

This song has potential in becoming great. It just needs more ... uhmmm ... accompaniment and flowing chord progression, etc.. Send me the stem tracks and I will collaborate with you on it. :) Anyway, keep it up!

Belthagor responds:

by stem tracks do you mean the fl studio file? pm me

This is a really groovy tune! I like how you incorporated many guitar parts into it. Nicely done!

I like the kick and snare sound sample in this piece. Can you share the sample with me? :) Keep up the great work.

flashmakeit responds:

Thank you so much. I do not know how to share a sample. I will try and find out how to if I can find this beat on my fl studio. Thanks again you are a great artist.

I like it. If the tempo was dynamic, it would sound very organic. But maybe you didn't intend it to be organic? Also, I felt like the signal was a little "hot" with heavy hard limiting. It definitely has that "detective" kind of sound to it. :) Anyway, good job on this tune!

sorohanro responds:

On a second listening, you are totally right. I should back off a bit the compression.
Thanks for the very helpful review.

Even without a kick it sounds quite nice! The only thing that didn't sit right for me though is the clashing chords at some parts of the song like the part that starts at about 1:30 to 2:00. Good job on this! - XayberOptix

Evilgrapez responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! :D

Really nice work here! The only complaint I have is the steep side chain effect. If you lessened it, I think it would sound really good. Keep up the great work! I'll be listening. -XayberOptix

This tune has potential to becoming a lot better. I think if you turned off the "overall" reverb fx that sounds like it is a blanket that covers the entire piece, it may sound more desirable. Try using reverb on specific instruments only. Using delay or multi-tap delay is sometimes better than using reverb in certain cases. Essentially, you don't want your piece to sound all "muddy" or drowned out with reverb. Also, the choice of sounds (or the way you are playing it) doesn't sound like trance. Maybe try using more subtle sounds. Well I hope this helps to improve on your next piece. Keep it up!

Thank you for listening to my music! I'm always glad to share them with you!


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